What Parents Must Understand About Bullies Before Their Children Post on Social Media Platforms


Native American children, on average, have some of the highest rate of suicide and mortality compared to any other group. These are school aged children, many who have dropped out of school. Again, when asked why they are dropping out of school, the labels given are, poor student-teacher relations, the teacher’s lack of empathy, unsuitable curriculum, etc. They are expected to micro exotic learn in a system that is designed for American children, not Native American children. Everyday Native American children have to enter an institution that disrespects their culture, expects them to be open to learning untruthful history, and when they drop out, that institution blames the victims.

On average in the US, Native Americans have a drop out rate of about 50%. On average in the US, Caucasians have a drop out rate of about 30%. I wonder if there would be any changes if those numbers were flipped. Recall that 75% of Native Americans drop out of college before completion. Think about the reaction if it was reported that 75% of all students drop out of American colleges.

When the privileged are harmed, there seems to be new policies, laws, and social movements to stop that harm – instantaneously. When the minority folks are harmed, the privileged go Blind! Blind to the special needs of Native American students. Blind to how the current institutional structures are not working for certain students. And Blind to the fact that, until there are changes in the way educational services are delivered to Native American children, American schools are guilty of Institutional-level Bullying.

Bully Breed and Pit Bull myths are everywhere, as an owner, lover or dog enthusiast you probably think you know the facts about Pit Bulls.

Common myths or questions people ask are the ‘lock jaw’ and ‘bite force’ myths. I’m sure you’ve heard the “do they snap?” question. But what about the other more arguable ones like,”Do they make good guard dogs?” or “are Pit Bulls mean?” and “Do they feel pain?” We even expose the more controversial myth that “Bullies cause the most dog attacks” as the fraud it is. There are thousands of dogs homeless because of a misinformed public. My mission is to save them.

So are you armed with enough Pit Bull and Bully Breed info to change unknowing minds when our furry friends come up in conversation?

I put a lot of time into this article to present you with the facts and references so I hope you enjoy and use them to help restore the tarnished image of our Bully Breed friends!


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