Rich Bullies Versus Obama Care for the Poor and Underpriviledged

Bullying is “imbalance of power,” one person uses their power to hurt or verbally harm another individual. A micro exotic is someone who is weaker or lacks social skills and the ability to defend themselves. In this situation there is an imbalance of power because we have a so-called celebrity teasing a weaker “regular” person. The regular individual can’t defend himself because the celebrity has the ability to control not only the situation but also the final product air on the Fox Network.

The good news is that in the days following the broadcast, people called into radio stations around the country and have joined in on the discussion asking that Simon apologize to these individuals and for the Fox Network to not allow this kind of bullying behavior. Fox has listened to the concerns of their viewers and have tamed down the insults aired on American Idol. This proves that when we come together to stand up against the bully we can weaken their power.

It is my hope that the bullies of the world aren’t using this program to validate their verbal/physical bullying and victims don’t use this as another excuse to stay silent.

For more on bullying visit http://richardpaul.com/articles_american_idol.shtml.

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His school assemblies, youth workshops, motivational educational books and CD’s have one common thread which is to build character, stop the bullying, understand and respect diversity and offer up success skills to help end teasing and promote anti-violence in schools.

From his many articles, to his sought after fun, character advancement, motivational audio CD “Duck Sense” and his straightforward “Tackling Conflict Head On”, chapter in a new nationally recognized book entitled “The Better Bottom Line”, Richard shares the success tools and techniques to help promote a safer, friendlier, happier, productive environment.

Everyone is watching. A live audience, and millions of national television and on-line viewers gawk as the award is announced that Taylor Swift has won the award for Best Female Video. Immediately, a defiant Kanye West invades the stage to grab the award from a shocked Swift to protest that the winner is undeserving. According to MTV News, the crowd is silent and confused as to how they should response.

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