How does VPS Hosting Work?


All the above three are similar since they all provide you a web server to help you run your web site on. However, they are different because of how they are set up, features they provide and level of customization that you may have with each one.

How does VPS Hosting Work?

VPS servers provide you the benefits of shared hosting, while at the same time it provides you with windows vps hosting control and power like dedicated server.

Since you do not share your OS with someone else, you have no other websites on your server which have access to your files.

With VPS server, you possess your own Operating System. It also implies that you possess your own instances of server applications like PHP and Apache.

When installing server applications requiring system restart, you may do so at all times. Even though you technically share server with other VPS servers, yours may be restarted without affecting others.

On VPS Server, you possess dedicated amounts of available RAM at any time. Unlike the shared hosting, there’s no one else, on your server, which may use the entire RAM when you require it most!

Nowadays, if you buy VPS in the market, you would be confused on which VPS hosting company would you avail. This is because there are a lot of companies right now that offers virtual private server hosting plans. They range from high-end expensive VPS hosting plans to cheap VPS hosting plans. Amidst this confusion, it is just fitting to have a guideline on what you need to check in a VPS hosting company to determine if that company is right for you or not. Thus, this article is an attempt to inform the buyer on the guidelines he needs to know before choosing the right hosting company for his website hosting server.

Hardware Resources

The first thing you need to check in buying plans from a certain hosting company is the hardware resources that they are offering. This specification is important since it could determine the output of your applications’ performance. Details such as specifications of the host server and dedicated minimum amount of RAM/CPU/network usage are included. Also, you need to know how many VPS are running on the host server that you planned on buying.

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