How Dangerous Is The Chikungunya Virus?

Medical advancement has been able to conquer almost all kinds of diseases today. Cures and vaccines are being developed for the most fatal diseases that human’s are vulnerable to. However in the long list of diseases that haunt the human race, some diseases still remain untamed and no cure has been developed for them as of now. Chikungunya is one such disease.

Chikungunya might prove to be fatal if it is not treated in its initial stages. Since 1999, thousands of people have fallen victim to Chikungunya. Doctors were left puzzled and there was nothing much they could do to get a person out of Chikungunya fever and a lot of people lost their life to this fever.

As bad as it gets, no cure or vaccine has been developed till date to cure Chikungunya. Chikungunya eats up your system bit by bit till it completely exhausts almost all the functioning organs in the human body. Headaches, pain in joints, nausea, vomits, chills and rashes are common symptoms of Chikungunya. These symptoms are common for many other diseases as well but Chikungunya is a much more deadlier disease than any other disease. Proper precaution and regular visits to the doctor is a must if you want to save yourself from contacting this disease.

Often people would tell you that Chikungunya is a self-limiting condition. The incubation period after the bite is around 1-12 days but the fact lies intact: The fever literally destroys your immunity system. The virus poses a great threat to aged people. It can cause paralysis, kidney and liver disorder and cerebral problems. Similarly small children are extremely vulnerable to the fever. Children are often not capable of facing the symptoms of the virus and this is the reason so many deaths have been encountered in countries like Asia and Africa.

It is important to take proper precautions against the virus in order to stop the virus from spreading. Chikungunya is caused by infected mosquitoes especially the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. It is as dangerous as Dengue and causes immense pain to the patient. The disease has claimed more lives than you can imagine in countries in Africa and Asia. The disease has spread to various parts of the world by people who travel from the infected countries to other countries.

The Chikungunya virus featured in USA’s list of their biological weapon. This suggests how dangerous the virus is and how important it is to take proper precautions against the virus.


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